Jay Pee Shoulder Strap

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See? I told you the Sam Browne looks great even bare-chested! To prove my point, I stripped down one of my boys and dressed him up, snapping a few pics along the way. Ok, so maybe aisle 8 at CVS Pharmacy wasn’t the most appropriate place to do it, but we learn from our mistakes, right? Measuring is easier than you think. Simply go from left hip, over the right shoulder, to the center of your back and you’re done. Or, you could stop by the LeatherWerks showroom and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will measure your chest (among other things). Doesn’t my boy look good in leather? He looked so good, I came in his mouth. And, the old man shopping for Metamucil really got off on it. In fact, he had to take his blood pressure medication.