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LeatherWerks is the premier Leather and Fetish shop in the southeastern United States. Come check out the thousands of items we have in stock at our Main store or at our bar store inside Ramrod Fort Lauderdale.

Founded by The Bear Man and Eric Lawrence in 1995, LeatherWerks is a customer service-focused business that addresses the needs of the greater Leather, Fetish, and LGBTQ+ communities.

While our store focus is on masculine energy, we are an inclusive business and respect all body types, genders, gender expressions, races, and sexualities. We embrace men, women, the heterosexual, pansexual, transgender, and non-binary communities, and everyone under the LGBTQIA2S+ umbrella. All are welcome at LeatherWerks.

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Our stores carry a variety of products, including Lube, Harnesses, Bondage Gear, and Adult Toys. At LeatherWerks, it’s not about the items we sell but more about the service. From apparel to education, boots to paddles, harnesses to handcuffs, LeatherWerks has what you need to satisfy your inner kink, and our staff is here to help and educate you. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we will point you in the right direction to find it. If you are looking for something more unique, from simple alterations to something truly special, our leather artisans are here to help make it a reality.

Did you know we make our harnesses in-house? Our leather artisans work tirelessly to provide the community with harnesses in different styles, colors, and materials. Our most popular harness, the Bulldog, has many variations to suit all needs. Come in and try one on, or order one online, and you’ll be the talk of the town with a LeatherWerks original.

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Store Locations

LeatherWerks Main Store

Look for the store with the flags out front.


    1226 NE 4TH Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
  • CALL / TEXT:

    954.761.1236 Phone / Text

  • HOURS:

    11 AM to 8 PM Monday - Thursday
    11 AM to 9 PM Friday - Saturday
    11 AM to 7 PM Sunday

LeatherWerks Ramrod Bar Store

The store is located inside Ramrod Bar


    1508 NE 4TH Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
  • CALL / TEXT:

    For questions please call or
    text the Main Store at

  • HOURS:

    8 PM to Bar Close - Friday to Sunday

LeatherWerks Bear and Eric Photo Square

The Bear Man and Eric Lawrence

Bear Man met Eric Lawrence at the Ramrod Bar in 1994.  Their friendship began when Bear started going to small play parties at Eric’s house.  The friendship really blossomed when they went to Key West together for Fantasy Fest on Halloween ’95; Bear got to know Eric quite well.

A month later, on Thanksgiving weekend, Eric was approached and offered the opportunity to buy the store inside Ramrod from the original owner, who had end-stage HIV disease.  Eric was unsure he could do it alone, as he didn’t have the knowledge or business contacts to make it work. But he knew someone who did. He reached out to Bear, who had the contacts and knew how to run the back end of the business, while Eric had the social contacts and charisma to run the front end. Bear and Eric made a great team.  Thus, LeatherWerks was born.

Eric fought a long battle with cancer. Right until the very end of his life, he was a valuable asset to the business and a leader in the community. His absence is still felt by those who loved him and love him still.