Delta Auction

Delta Brotherhood International and LeatherWerks present The 2024 Delta Meat Auction and Raffle

The Delta Brotherhood is a very diverse group of men. Some identify as Top, bottom, Master, slave, Sir, submissive, versatile, switch, collectively “The Meat”. In the spirit of fun and brotherhood the most talented meat in the brotherhood is offered for everyone’s pleasure.

  • The purpose of this event is to have fun and raise money for Delta Brotherhood International. There is NO requirement or implication that anyone engage in any sexual activities. All activities are strictly consensual and there are NO expectations that anyone do anything they are not comfortable doing.
  • All attendees will be given free “Leather Bucks” to use or pool for bidding in the auction, or to use towards the purchase of raffle tickets. Attendees will also have the option to purchase additional “Leather Bucks” at the LeatherWerks Camp Store. All monies from the purchase of “Leather Bucks” will go to Delta Brotherhood International for the Delta Scholarship Fund.
  • Those interested in joining The Meat for the auction should complete the application and send it by email along with a clear head shot photo or deliver it in person to the LeatherWerks Camp Store. The application is available online at or at the LeatherWerks Camp Store.
  • Due to limited time constraints for this event, we may not be able to accept all applications. To be considered, all applicants must have a completed application and meet at the LeatherWerks Camp Store Saturday after lunch for a 15-minute meeting where they will be told if they have been accepted into the auction and raffle, and to discuss logistics of the auction and raffle.
  • No personal contact information from the application form will be released to the audience. Other non-contact information may be read to the audience by the auctioneer to enhance the fun of the event and try to get higher bids and more raffle entries from attendees. Auction participants should provide as much information as they feel comfortable disclosing to ensure maximum funds are raised for your services and for Delta Brotherhood International.
  • ALL monies collected from this event will benefit Delta Brotherhood International. Participants will receive NO financial compensation.
  • All Meat should dress as provocatively as they are comfortable. Full nudity is acceptable. Meat identifying as submissive may be presented in bondage and/or shackles or as otherwise determined by the auctioneer.
  • Half an hour before the auction there will be a reception where The Meat can meet potential buyers. All auction participants must be present for the “Meet the Meat” reception. You can use this opportunity to flirt with potential buyers to generate enthusiasm, so your bidding raffle entries are as high as possible. The Meat are also encouraged to participate in their auction and to taunt and tease the audience to raise the final bids and raffle entries.
  • The Meat may be presented for sale individually or in groups as decided by the auctioneer. The Meat in the raffle will be awarded by random drawing from a single pool of raffle tickets.
  • The auctioneer has the final say as to how The Meat is presented and sold. Any questions or concerns should be directed to him or his representative.
  • The Meat agree to a minimum 1 (one) hour “date” with their “buyer” while at camp. There is NO requirement or implication that Meat shall / should / must engage in any sexual activities. The “date” should be scheduled between The Meat and their buyer at a mutually agreeable time.
  • The Meat are strongly encouraged to promote their participation in the auction to friends and potential bidders before the auction and raffle in order to bring a substantial price.

Click to Download The 2024 Delta Meat Auction Application