The Hottest Clothing Brands

We've got singlets for all those wrestling fantasies, and the best briefs money can buy, how about a hand made leather harness? Or what about a fashionable tanktop to show off your muscles?

Get your hands on the sexiest apparel we carry. From Nasty Pig to Breedwell to LeatherWerks’ own leather creations. If you want to look hot, we’ve got the goods.


Thrilling Essentials

Do you need wristbands, sunglasses, maybe a stylish leather tie? How about a pair of suspenders or an attractive pair of gloves?

These add ons to your outfit will scream hot and sexy! Our exciting accessories will set your look on fire. So cruise this department for things that will help you cruise at the bars.


All Day Long I Dream About...

From fisting lube to that handy bottle of toy cleaner we've got everything you need to play with, and enhance your cock. We've got the tools and jewelry for all your holes.

Get your cock hard and your hole wet. Stretch those balls and yank on those nips. We’ve got everything to enhance your sex life. Slide on in to this department to fire up your loins!


That's Sir To You ...Boy

Does your boy need a good flogging? What about Puppy? Does he deserve some new gear? Does Sir require a new sling kit to or how about some bondage gear to keep his boy restrained?

Our BDSM products are electrifying! And not just the electro toys! We’ve got implements for impact play, Shibari and sensation play. Sexual or not our Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochist section is here to turn pain into pleasure and pleasure into pain.

Everything Else

A Little Bit of Everything All Rolled Into One

We've got the the best leather boot care section around. Do you need seasonal items like masks for Halloween or ornaments for your Christmas tree?

Reach into Hairy Poppins’ toy bag of wonders and see what you pull out! Maybe you’ll get a cute plushie or maybe you’ll get an array of leather scented soaps and candles. All the items that dont fit anywhere else we have here. So reach in and get your newest favorite.