1/4 Inch Poly Rope Black


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Face it, men. If you’re buying your bondage supplies in the housewares section of Walmart, you might want to step up your game.
Take this 1/4 inch polypropylene rope. Its smooth finish will feel great on your boy’s skin. The shiny look will show off his bare body, which is good news for you. There’s the risk of rope burn, but most of my boys seem to like that. It comes in hot colors, so when you’re dangling the rope in front of your boy at the bar, he’ll know what he’s in for. It also comes in various lengths, depending on how creative you feel that night. Hell, it’s even machine washable.
We test our product regularly, in fact just yesterday we tested our polypropylene rope on a few boys who wandered into the store. Oh, shit, I think they’re still in the dungeon. Maybe we should go untie them…