3/8 Inch Poly Rope Red


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This polypropylene rope is thicker and stronger, and much more suitable for those willful boys in desperate need of training. And you know, they are my favorite. The package says it’s ‘strong, durable, and won’t mildew,’ but you know me. I had to test it for myself. I’m only thinking about you boys, really I am.
I picked up the cutest young boy I could find at the bar, stripped him naked, used this rope to fashion a make-shift collar and leash, and led him into the darkest part of the park for some product testing. It tested my boy as well.
The test results are in. Try as he might, he could not escape the tight bonds around his wrists and ankles. While he struggled feverishly, the knots around the base of his cock and balls held firm. As he writhed in pain under my whip, the ropes around his waist and chest only tightened in response. A light rain began to fall, dampening my boy, but not his spirits. As I rammed my manhood into his ass, he tried to moan but couldn’t; the ropes engulfed his mouth.
Pretty good results, right guys? And they were right. There was no mildew, even in the rain. That reminds me. Damn, I did it again. I’m bad. Got to go back to the park and untie that poor boy!