5 Finger Tawse Leather

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A tawse, or taws, is a unique impact tool made from leather. One end has slits cut into the leather, and once upon a time, the Scottish used it for corporal punishment and educational discipline. We’ve taken that concept and brought it up to date so YOU can use it on that unruly fuck buddy of yours. Our single-layer Tawse is 16 long, nearly 2 wide, and 3/16 thick oiled, black harness leather with five 9 long fingers at the business end. We don’t know how bad your boy has to be, but if you wanna roleplay, we’ll be happy to go get our books and misbehave. The Tawse leaves a nice burn with lots of delightful marks on the flesh. Don’t worry. They’ll disappear fairly quickly. But by the time they do, you might have to mete out some extra punishment. Unless YOU want to play the schoolboy? We’ll be more than happy to be your school Master.