Basket Weave Shoulder Strap


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Shown here is the matching shoulder strap for your Sam Browne belt. The strap comes in even sizes from 40 to 50 inches long, and is adjustable to add or subtract approximately an inch and a half. To get the right fit, measure from your left leg at belt level, over your right shoulder, and down to belt level on your back. Not too complicated, right? The adjustable buckle will do the rest. The ‘Sam Browne’ has been a part of military dress uniforms around the world. Even cops have picked up on the idea. So, if your gear includes military or police uniforms, the Sam Browne is a must. They don’t look bad bare-chested either. The duty belt comes in handy for carrying your cuffs or nightstick (you never know when you’ll need your nightstick) and looks great, too.