Belt Flogger Keeper


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You want to take your brand new flogger to the bar and show it off, don’t you? But are you going to carry it around all night? It’s not like you can stick the flogger in your pocket. It will fall out. And if you’re not careful, or get distracted, you could end up leaving it behind. You can always shove the thing down your pants and it will make an impression but you want to keep that bad boy out and advertise what you’re looking for without opening your mouth. So what do you do with that flogger? Simple. You carry it with you with one of our Flogger Keepers. With 4 different styles to choose from, one will be perfect for you. The one shown here is the Belt Flogger Keeper. Thread your belt through the riveted loop and secure the flogger with the Velcro sewn into the leather.