Biker Cover Black Brim and Pipe


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As the official product tester here at, it falls upon me to make sure our goods measure up. Towards that goal, I ‘borrowed’ this Biker Cover to do some marketing research of my own.First, I paired it up the aviator sunglasses from our accessories dept. to create that ‘mystery man’ look all my boys love. My apartment is only steps off the Drive, so visibility wasn’t a problem. Then, around sunset, I leaned, bare-chested, arms crossed, against my Harley, and, oh boy, did it get attention. There were so many tricks wanting treats, you would have thought it was Halloween. The larger brim and vertical seam in front makes it perfect for larger hat sizes. Me, I have two large ‘heads’. One down. This cap, my boots and a pair of jeans, and I’m ready for action.