BJ Codpiece Yellow Stripe


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Cum to LeatherWerks to get your BJ and have it your way! As with most of our products we like to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and our leather jocks are no different. With a LeatherWerks Leather Jock we give you control, allowing you to customize the ideal jock for yourself erecting a Build-A-Jock station entirely for you! Start with the waist bands and take it from there.

We offer two Build-A- Jock styles; the traditional codpiece and waistband collection, or the Codbase style which allows your cock exposure without removal of the jock during pig play. Form there attach your T-Back strap making you for street legal for Events and parties or you do have the option for a classic jock back. Customers who request a jock back must come into the LeatherWerks Main Store to be measured and have our Leather Craftsmen attach snap so that the jock connects to where it is most flattering on each individual’s body.

This Codpiece with the ten snaps is made to attach to the codbase. The yellow will put a smile on your face and a dry feeling in your mouth… someone’s thirsty! With this snap model pulling your cock out to shove in a trick mouth and release a nice steady fowl is easier than ever. When you’ve finished snap the codpiece back on and join the party. Everyone always wants to say hello to the man in yellow. Drink up pigs.

Come to LeatherWerks and Build your very own leather jock, it’s sort of like build a bear but a hole lot kinkier.BJ from LeatherWerks really are the best!