Black Rope Flogger Black Handle

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The Black Rope Flogger with Black Handle is similar to the Rope Flogger we carry. Like the Rope Flogger, the Black Rope Flogger with Black Handle is also ten strands of ¼ rope doubled through a stainless steel hoop. We’ve wrapped more rope near the top to give you a sturdy yet semi-flexible grip. The strands themselves are 22 long but the entire flogger, not including the metal ring, measures 28 from tip to tip. We’ve purposely left the ends unfinished, so they fray with continued use. But if you want a more aggressive delivery, knot the ends together. There’s no denying that this one is going to hurt. Once the adrenaline starts to flow through your veins, you’ll get past the initial impact to experience the exquisite delirium that is pain, followed by a euphoric pleasure.