Blindfold And Gag Slave Hood


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The eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but the face is the expression of all the soul contains. To mask the face is to bury any and all emotion, reaction or individuality. To hood your slave is to steal from him any illusion of self, and remind him that, to you, he is nothing more than a body to be toyed with. He is a mouth. He is a hole to be fingered, fisted and fucked at your whim. His balls exist purely to be crushed in your hand. His cock is nothing more than a leash to be lead around by, and his nipples no more than play things to be battered and abused. Admit it, my boys are so lucky to have me. With that being said, I have personally tried and tested a collection of hoods on my boys, and am ready to report my findings. The first and foremost in a series of hoods is ‘The Blindfold and Gag Slave Hood’. Made of supple leather, it features a removable blindfold (so you can see the fear in your slave’s eyes) and removable gag (not that you would remove it). If a hood could be ‘state of the art’, this one would be. It ties up the back, so one size fits most slaves. The only negative aspect is getting the slave to return it after you kick him out naked once you’re done using him.