Bulldog Harness


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The Bulldog has quickly become one of our most popular harnesses, perfect for a dog like you. If you’re looking for a harness that will highlight your manly chest, here it is. The Bulldog is constructed of soft trifold leather with slick stainless rings and snaps. The straps are shorter around your shoulders, longer around your lats and the snaps adjust for a nice tight fit. The sexy design of the Bulldog Harness cuts across your chest making your pecks look, well, impeccable. A harness like this looks great on a boy, an average Joe type or a mouthwatering muscle bear. Wear the Bulldog with a pair of jeans, a leather jock, or our personal favorite, nothing at all. What’s that old saying?…if you lay with the dogs you’re bound to get fucked! …IDK Something like that. This Bulldog Harness will definitely do the trick.