Bulldog Margate Harness


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Get ready to take your pecs to the next level with the Margate Bulldog Harness. This twist on our iconic Bulldog design is guaranteed to leave admirers spellbound.

Our Margate Bulldog is hand crafted from soft, yet durable 1.25-inch-wide trifold leather as our other bulldog harnesses, this harness features unique stainless-steel hardware with a floral motif that sets it apart from the rest.

The Margate is available with either stainless-steel snaps or black snaps, the choice is yours. Whether you’re hitting the leather bar, club or indulging in some fun in the dungeon, the Margate is sure to please. As with all our harnesses, they are fully adjustable to ensure the proper and perfect fit.

To determine your size, you will want to know your chest size. Measure the widest part of your chest, which is usually under your armpits. Take a straight-line measurement from one end of the tape to the other, ending at the center of your chest. It’s better to ask a buddy to help you measure it to get the most accurate result. This size, in inches, is generally your suit size.

Also, a good rule of thumb is that your T-shirt size in an American-made fitted T-shirt, is generally your harness size. Remember, with a Bulldog Harness, there is an up and a down. The shorter straps go over your shoulder, the longer straps go around your lats. On our large harnesses, the chest straps are two different sizes, this is to accommodate a broad chest or wide back. Turn the harness to see which way fits you better. When fit properly, your harness should feel likes its hugging you, you should be very aware that you have it on, without it feeling uncomfortable. The strap across the chest and across the back should also by symmetrical.

As with all our harnesses, they are fully adjustable to ensure the proper and perfect fit.

S 36” – 40”

M 40” – 42”

L 44” – 46”

After a night of dancing or sweaty play, it’s always best to wipe the excess sweat or lube off your harness and let it air dry before putting it away. We suggest storing your harness on a hanger to keep it looking its best. A little saddle soap on a damp cloth will do the trick if your harness needs a good cleaning because of sweat and dirt.

Should your harness get wet due to inclement weather or because you accidentally fall into the pool at a pool party, just wipe it off and hang it up and let it dry.

When packing your harness for events, wrap it around a couple of t-shirts or a pair of jeans so it doesn’t crease. No one likes wrinkled leather.