Cocksling-2 Black

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Whether you’re the one getting pounded in a sling or the one destroying a gaping hole, don’t forget the sling for your cock. The Cocksling from Oxballs comfortably separates your throbbing prick from your loaded balls providing deeper slams and fuller strokes. Gripping tight in 2 places, the cocksling comfortably hugs the base of your junk like a traditional cock ring but also gives a nice squeeze 2½ mm out along your shaft while providing a decent 3½ mm pull on your sack. The ergo shape channel under your dick lets you pull your cock out to piss all over that depraved animal then slam right back in, staying hard the entire time…he was looking a bit thirsty. It’s the best to wear for a brutal pig pounding but also great to wear out and about for an eye popping package. This is no ordinary cock ring — it’s much more than cock ring — it’s a motherfuckin’ Cocksling and one of the best on the market.