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Wonderful tool for working the hole, prostate and muscles deep inside.

Another of the 8 toys that started it all. The Demonic went on to inspire a whole range of toys with its unique scoop type head. This is a great toy for depth that provides a variation on regular phallic shaped toys. The pronounced head is asymmetrically designed to provide more focused stimulation to the sphincter, prostate or g-spot. Its other purpose is to make for an easier entry with pronounced exit. Great for working a hole from the inside out by gently tugging and turning. The narrow neck makes hands-free play harder due to the high flexibility of the shaft but works well with a partner or your own hands once it’s in.

Specialties: Depth, Originals, Prostate, For Women

Level: Beginner, Moderate

Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze

Dimensions: Length 11 • Circ 6 – 8