Egg Plug Black


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The most comfortable silicone plug ever made.

What came first the chicken or the egg? Who is to say? Just as long as you cum who really cares about the order, and you really haven’t cum until you’ve tried the Egg Plug from Square Peg. If you think you need a rigid toy for insertion then you’ve never experienced the agility of soft silicon Square Peg Toys. Let us introduce you to more intense and more pleasurable ass play.
Slides in gently and ‘fits the mold’ hitting you in all the right places. If pain is what you’re looking for then you better look elsewhere, with this egg plug there is no aggravating sensation or consistently reaching for lube. Consumers call this plug ‘Just Amazing!’
The Egg Plug is a great stepping stone if you’re in the process of training your hole to take a good fisting. It’s soft, forgiving while still putting up a good challenge and won’t pop out on you like some plugs do. It’s the most pleasurable and most comfortable plug on the market so go ahead and wear it anytime anywhere even under your clothes.
Now available in 7 sizes.

Specialties: Plug, Prostate, Puppy Toys

Level: Beginner, Moderate, Advanced

Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze & Graphite

Extra Small: Length 3 1/2 • Circ 4 1/4

Small: Length 4 • Circ 5

Medium: Length 5 • Circ 6

Large: Length 5 1/2 • Circ 6 3/4

Extra Large: Length 6 1/2 • Circ 8

XXLarge: Length 6 1/2 • Circ 8 3/4

XXXLarge: Length 7 • Circ 9 1/2