Filler Funnel Plug

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Gather round, boys, ’cause we’re about to make it rain up in here. And we’re not talking sprinkles, either. We’re talking full-on golden showers with the Filler Funnel Plug. Simply lube that hole and slide the curved rubber bulb up your ass. Then kick back and relax as man after man comes by to piss into the funnel at the other end, and fill you up with the amber liquid you love so much. Hold it in as long as you can, then let it gush. Of course, it might be best if Daddy just pimps you out as a human urinal. That way, you can enjoy every drop of the intoxicating, mind-blowing piss enema instead of working for it yourself. All you have to do is lie there. Tut-tut. Looks like rain!