German Play Pants Oxblood

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You don’t need to decide if you’re going to be giving cock or taking cock until the moment arises in these skin tight German play pants. It’s got black zippers on both sides of your crotch, so you can pull out your bratwurst when it’s time for feeding. Or if you’re feeling a bit peckish yourself, bend over. A black zipper running down the entire length of your ass crack is placed for whenever you want to open up and stuff yourself with some man meat. These play pants allow you the luxury of staying dressed all session long. Oxblood colored leather with black trim and oxblood stitching complete with belt loops and pockets for any little play supply you may need. These pants have the power to change you from a run of the mill American slut, to a raunchy German sex maverick.
All pants have a 34″ inseam and can be tailored custom fit.