Grinder 2 Ball Stretcher Black


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Like the sensation of a ball stretcher? Wait until you feel your cock and balls gripped by the Oxball Grinder Ball Stretcher. Made from the heaviest and thickest rubbery silicone we’ve ever used, the Grinder Ball Stretcher applies just the right amount of squeeze on your boys. The extra thickness keeps your balls from popping back up while the added weight stretches the sack out and pulls your balls down. Available in two sizes, the Grinder 1 is for men whose balls are high and tight. Grinder 2 is for medium-sized, or bigger, low-hangers. Just be sure to shower first. That loosens up that sack. And be sure to use a bit of lube on the inside of the Grinder Ball Stretcher so it can slide and adjust as your balls relax. You’ll feel as if someone were playing with your balls all day long!