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Alright you electric pigs, here’s some plugs that should spark your interest. The Extreme Electro-sex Butt Plug from ElectraStim™ This isn’t the electroshock therapy your parents sent you too as a kid. These luxury plugs are designed for the bottom who loves the feeling of being filled…so every bottom. They’re long heavy and if girth is what you’re looking for, look no further. Constructed of marine-grade aluminum and acrylic then bonded with aircraft strength adhesive. The linear design allows the electric stimulation to be experienced from the entire length of the plug and from both sides. The insulated base offers safety and control. Simply connect the plug to your ElectraStim stimulator and be ready to explore the world a hands free stimulation, trust us you’ll be shoot clear over your head with these electrodes. The Extreme Electro-Sex Butt Plug comes in three sizes;

The Intruder: 50mm / 2 X 105mm / 4.1 insertion length

The Invader: 60mm / 2.4 X 120mm / 4.7 insertion length

The Intimidator: 70mm / 2.8 X 135mm / 5.3 insertion length