LW 1.5 In Latigo Belt

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Guys, belts do more than just hold your pants up and you know it. Take our 1.5 inch Latigo belt for example. It’s made from the same 10/12 oz leather that we make our slings out of, so you know it has that sexy, man-leather smell to it. I like it because it goes so well with my favorite pair of 11 inch Harness boots by Wesco. It adds a manly presence to any pair of jeans, whether you’re shopping at the mall or cruising the men’s room. It’s also simple enough I can wear it to work. This ‘go anywhere/do anything’ belt is available in even sizes from 30 inch for those slim hipped boys to 44 inches for that bear in your life. And because it’s made at LeatherWerks, this ain’t no GQ ad.