LW Padded Heavy Duty Restraint


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Heavy duty is our middle name. When we do something like restraints, we make sure to do it right! That’s why we have designed our own Leather Padded Restraints. We’ve tried many kinds of restrains through our lives and found that if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Out LeatherWerks padded Heavy Duty Restraints are made with the finest leather that’s smooth, strong, and sexy, with a sturdy buckle clasp and stainless steel D ring. These restraints are padded, offering the utmost comfort without compromising functionality. We at LeatherWerks are proud to say we’ve created something really special here.

    Available in 4 sizes:

  • Small – The 10" fits most men wrists.
  • Medium – The 12" fits most men’s ankles without boots or the wrist of big guys.
  • Large – The 14" fits most men’s ankles in boots or big guys’ ankles without boots.
  • X Large – The 16" fits big guys’ ankles in boots.