Mini Flogger


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Is there something missing from your waist when you hit the clubs? Other than a ring of keys, that is, which should be in your pocket, anyways? What about that dungeon party? That’s right. What your missing is a flogger. But why carry a regular-sized flogger when you can carry a 12 Mini Flogger? Made with a dozen super thin slices of tough Latigo leather, the Mini Flogger clips to your belt loop with a stainless steel spring snap. It gives them a hint of what you’re looking for and provides enough sting to separate timewasters from the serious men who want to bend over for you. Go ahead. Have a go. That hunky number you’ve been watching, the one that’s about to walk up to you…he’ll end up following you home before long for a proper lashing he needs and deserves.