Mr B Neoprene Zip Shorts Bl


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The Mister B Neoprene Shorts Full Zip is truly something out of this world. Handmade from water resistant Italian neoprene which forms a supersonic fit. With these shorts you get an elastic waistband, padded mesh panel running down the exterior of each hip and at its core these Mister B Shorts have a full length double end zipper. It unzips from the back, making rimming a breeze. It unzips from the front to test the density of his asteroid or unzip completely from front to back (or back to front) and prepare for the big gang bang. The Mister B Neoprene shorts are durable, sleek and stretchy. With the bold colored trim and piping you’ll cause a major doppler effect when you enter the room, because no one will be able to see anyone else.