Mr B Urban Sock with Pocket Bk

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"He’s got Legs!.. He knows how to use ’em! " While your legs are busy playing the field, throw them in a pair of Football Socks from the Mister B Urban Collection to make them even more irresistible. Football is the most beloved sport in the world, probably because they don’t cover the sexy players in large pads or oversized uniforms, and now Mr. B Football Socks are the most beloved socks in the world. It’s some fancy foot work indeed. Why these football socks are the most beloved fetish socks is because of the ingenious pocket that is built into the sock. Yes, you read that correctly — these socks have a FRICKEN POCKET!!! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Each pair offers one pocket in the right sock which cums in handy for playtime, and I mean playtime off the field. We offer one size, Euro 42-46 / US 9-12, giving you enough material to cover those big meaty calves. These super tall knee high fetish socks are made from a fiber mixture of polyamide, polyester, cotton and elastan, but rest assured the foot of the sock is 100% natural cotton to prevent sweat and stink. Throw the rest of your fetish socks to the back of the drawer, because the Mister B Urban Football Socks will be the only sock worth wearing. Available in 6 awesome colors collect them all!