Pair of Conductive Rubber Loops


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A noose is always a little intimidating but in this case the shock is more than welcome. These highly conductive single-pole rubber loops will charge your cock and stimulate your manhood to the fullest extent. Push on the lock to adjust the loop to your desired tightness level and release to keep the tube in place. Wrap them around your balls, the head of your cock or anywhere along the shaft for individualized electro stimulation. Connect these rubber tubes to a lead wire with a TENS pin and get off in a way you’ve never imagined. Erotic elector current will travels throughout the entirety of the loop vitalizing your cock for the ultimate wad blowing experience. With these spark plugs you hardly ever need to use lube but if you do we recommend water based lube only. Wrap this noose around your shaft and give your cock new life.