Pinwheel Black Spur


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Bruce picked up the pinwheel and gently grazed his lover’s skin. Beginning at his wrist and rolling down the curve of his armpit, the hairs on his body raised, and his flesh tingled with lust as the pinwheel left a trail of tiny sensations on his body. Donny quivered as Bruce ran the pinwheel across his chest and moaned as it slowly inched around his hard erect nipples. Dragging the pinwheel faster down the center of Donny’s torso, Bruce headed toward his crotch. Succumbed by the sensation, Donny arched his back and raised his hips. His cock stiffened as the pinwheel trailed the borders of his swelling shaft and full balls. The jagged wheel continued down, lightly brushing Donny’s crack and then slowly rolled up along his taint and through his hairy sack. With more pressure Bruce rolled down the entire length of Donny’s Rock Hard Cock…….How do you foreplay? Get a pinwheel today.