Port Royal Beard Oil


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Maybe it was the pirate’s curse. From plundering countless galleons for pieces of eight. Or ghosts’ revenge in the wake of so many slit throats. But in 1692, the pirate stronghold of Port Royal suffered a brutal earthquake, then tsunami, and sank to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. It’s fitting then that the core scent of our super-moisturizing blend of oils derives from the West Indian Bay Leaf. Complemented with citrus, warm spices and a few drops of what made the bearded pirate both feared and respected by his mates. This is a modern take on the Caribbean bay rum scent that took the world by storm in the 19th century. INGREDIENTS: jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, cannabis hemp oil (non-THC), Moroccan argan oil, the fragrance of seven plant-derived essentials and absolutes.