Pounder Graphite


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Soft head for depth exploration, full texture for gripping all of your insides at once.

I decided to call this one Pounder after I found I loved to strap this one to my Monkey Rocker and just “pound away at my hole”! The depth of it coupled with the base thickness make this one a toy I have to warm up to as it’s pushing boundaries inside and outside simultaneously. This is only my own experience of course, you might be much more of a pro in these respects. Since I often like to feel every inch of movement in my toys, I added a lot of texture to this one as you probably noted. It almost feels as if it’s grabbing on to my whole tube is best I can describe it. The grooves are gentle enough to transform the feeling into something other than what you might expect. I like this one in SuperSoft best as it’s just soft and filling, the firmer black is good if you like a deep penetrating poke.

Specialties: Depth, Stretch, For Women

Level: Moderate, Advanced

Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze

Dimensions: Length 10 1/2 • Circ 6 3/4 – 8