Rattan Cane 3/4 In

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For the purist who wishes to make his boys obedient, we offer the Rattan Cane, natural, peeled, and unfinished. It’s a uniform ¾ thick, lightly sanded, with rounded tips. Despite what you may have been told–or believe from your own experience–these canes are fragile. The United States Postal Service (and UPS!) tend to break these canes if we ship one or two in a package. Not that they want–or maybe they do, if they have a good enough reason–but have you seen the way they fling packages around? We would advise you to purchase a minimum of $15.00 worth of canes so we can ship them to you without charging extra for special packaging. That way, they’ll be in one piece when they arrive. After all, if anyone is going to break them, it should be you… on your boy’s ass! And due to the nature of the organic material, there WILL be breakage. The canes are available in three different lengths.