Slink Graphite

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Go deep with The Slink by SquarePeg Toys. Going deep inside can be out of this world pleasurable, especially to those who are already skilled at insertion toys. The Slink can bring on a whole new sensation you may not be used to. Only available in the Bronze or Graphite 100% platinum grade, body safe, SuperSoft silicone for that bendy, slinky feeling that will take your various depths to new heights. The Slink is also a great way to test your hole after you’ve cleaned out to make there are no stinky surprises during play time. The taper is engineered to give it enough support at any point along the toy. No matter where you are on the slink, when you push it doesn’t give in on itself. A plug base is added for the fun of longer term wearing and hand-free manipulation through contraction and relaxation of your sphincter. Only you can know what your level of expertise and capacity for play. Always play safely and within your own limits. SquarePeg Toys are the absolute best and will last longer than any other toy you buy. In fact if cared for properly, these toys will outlive you!

  • S= 12" H, 6 1/4" max Cir
  • M= 16" H, 7 1/2" max Cir
  • MDL=20" H, 7 3/4" max Cir
  • L= 21" H, 8 1/2" max Cir
  • XL= 20" H, 10" max Cir
  • XXL=24" H, 11" max Cir