Snake Stud Harness Strap


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Were you so rough the other night you busted a strap on your harness? Or have the lube stains taken their toll on the leather and studs? Maybe you want to change up the design of your harness to make it more unique and personalized? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we offer replacement harness straps, at different lengths, for your gear convenience. Shown here are the Snake Stud Harness Straps. Change up the design on our Victor, Archer, Gladiator or even our Deluxe Trifold Harness. These Harness Straps are 1.25 wide trifold leather with a studded snake skin pattern. There are four adjustable snaps on one end and a single snap on the other. To get a proper measurement, unsnap one of the straps from the harness and measure from tip to tip while unfolded. You can also measure the folded strap and compare it to the chart below. It shows the folded length of strap, compared to the unfolded (unsnapped) strap. For example, if the strap you need to replace measures between 12.5 to 14, you’ll need to the strap that measures 19.5 in length, unfolded.

The chart below shows the folded length of a leather strap, compared to the full length.

  • 11 to 12.5 = 18
  • 12.5 to 14 = 19.5
  • 15.5 to 17 = 22.5
  • 17 to 18.5 = 24
  • 18.5 to 20 = 25.5
  • 20 to 21.5 = 27
  • 21.5 to 23 = 28.5