Splitter Bronze


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Another addition to the plugs, these are shaped like big pacifiers. The blunt ends make them a challenge to get in but once ‘over the hump’ the extra long taper makes for a fun ride as the toy gets sucked by the clamping action of your hole. The long tapered neck helps it to stay in even though it may slip out some, it will take a conscious effort to remove it most likely. Bases are designed narrow on one side wide on the other to help them fit better between your cheeks.

Specialties: Depth, Stretch, Plug

Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze

Medium: Length 6 1/2 • Circ 11 • Neck 8 1/4

Large: Length 6 1/2 • Circ 12 1/2 • Neck 9

XtraSmall: Length 5 1/2 • Circ 8 • Neck 7