Stainless Steel Ball Weight


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When you want to move up a weight class these stainless steel ball weights are ideal for a professional ball trainer like you. With these guys you can add as much weight as possible. These ball weights have 2 detachable hooks on each side to add even more weight if you’re feeling up to the challenge. The hooks also come in handy for boy training, to be used as a form of restraint or to pull him around. All of these Ball weights are 35mm in diameter.
The larger size weighs in at 1.15lb (without hooks,) 1.5inches tall.
The Medium size weighs in at .75lbs (without hooks,) stands at 1inch tall.
The smaller size weighs in at .35lbs (without hooks,) standing .5 inches tall.
All Ball weights come with an Allen Wrench for assembly.