Steve Chestnut


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Sometimes you find a toy hits you just right, and Steve, by SquarePeg Toys, is that toy. Designed after a real guy with the same name, Steve is thick and nicely curved, to stimulate your prostate and push you ever the edge. Available in Bronze, Chestnut, and Graphite, Steve is made from 100% platinum grade, body-safe, SuperSoft silicone. This is the one you want to get, especially if you like ’em thick and curved. It’s the next best thing to actually having Steve firmly and deeply entrenched in your hole. This one hits your prostate and makes your eyes roll back into your head.

  • Actual Size = 6 " H, Head Circ 5.5 " Shaft Base 6.5
  • 1X = 6.5 " H, Head Circ 6 " Shaft Base 7
  • 2X = 6.7 " Head Circ 6.8 " Shaft Base 7.5