Stinger Black Leather


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When your boy has misbehaved, but not enough to warrant a full-on assault with a Tawse or even your belt, you pull out the Stinger. What’s the Stinger, you ask? C’mere. Bend over, and I’ll show you. Nah, just kidding. Let me describe it to you. Our LeatherWerks craftsmen have taken a single strip of oiled, black harness leather that’s 28 long, 3/16 thick and ¾ wide, then doubled it through a polished D-ring. Two rivets hold it in place for an end result that is 14 long, 3/8 thick, and two layers of a single-tailed Tawse. And now that we’ve described it to you… wanna play bad student and school Master? We can take turns.