Strop Rubber/Canvas


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Let’s face it. The only reason you got a weekly haircut was because of that hot Daddy Barber, who would rub his bulging crotch against your hand. That and the sound of the straight edge as he ran it back and forth across the razor strop while locking eyes with you in the mirror. It’s enough to make any man hard. But, he’s about to make you harder, in the back room of his shop, with The Strop Rubber/Canvas. Like the razor strop in the shop but thicker, heavier…and meant for your ass! This specific Strop is 24 of heavy-duty black rubber 3/16 thick and 2¼ wide, and a heavy strip of canvas that only looks soft. Daddy Barber is going to tan your hide for coming in his chair without warning! Shave and a haircut? Yeah, two bits. Or is that two hits? Oh, well. Either way, this strop is NOT for the faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.