Strop Rubber/Vinyl


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Remember that mysterious Daddy Barber that made you hard with one touch? The one who straddled your knee to get closer, and rubbed his bulge on your hand while you sat in his chair? You were hard beneath the cape, your cock aching for release. And right when you gathered the courage to grope him, he stepped back, a knowing smile on his face and a glint in his eye. Then he’d flick that straight edge back and forth on his razor strap. You shivered and came without touching yourself, hoping he didn’t notice. But you know what? He did. Now, he’s going to bend you over and give you a few good whacks with a very special strop made of Rubber and Vinyl. We’re talking 24 of heavy, black rubber 3/16 thick and 2¼ wide, with a strip of clear vinyl to make your ass throb and sting! Definitely NOT for the faint of heart.