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This is the lifestyle description. You are looking at our very hot test product. It is not actually for sale. This harness has become one of our most popular harnesses. If you’re looking for a harness that will show off your chest, this is the one. The harness is designed to sit across your upper chest, capturing everyone’s attention. So, whether you’re dancing or playing, this harness will fit im-PEC-ably.

This is the tech specs section. Our Bulldog harness is handmade, in-house, from top-quality hides. Its straps are sewn from soft 1.25-inch trifold leather, which means there are three layers to ensure its durability.

Everything below this sentence is in a reference.

This is the Hardware Information reference.

To determine your harness size, you will want to know your chest size. Using a fabric measuring tape, wrap it around your chest, just under your armpits. This measurement will give you your chest size. For more fun, have a buddy do it for you. A good size reference is your American T-shirt size; generally, this is your harness size.

With a Bulldog Harness, surprisingly, there is a top and a bottom, except for the small, which is vers no matter how you wear it. The shorter straps (top) go over your shoulder; the longer straps(bottom) go around your lats. On our large harnesses, the chest straps are two different sizes to accommodate a broad chest or wide back. If you need a large, turn the harness to see which way fits you best. When fit properly, your harness should feel like it’s hugging you; you should be very aware that you have it on without feeling uncomfortable. The strap across the chest and across the back should also be symmetrical.

T-Shirt Size Average Chest Spread
S 36 Inches +/- 4 Inches
M 40 Inches +/- 4 Inches
L 44 Inches +/- 4 Inches
XL 48 Inches +/- 4 Inches
2XL 50 Inches +/- 4 Inches

A harness is like a belt, you don’t want your belt on the first hole, and you don’t want it on the last hole. Ideally, it should be in the middle. The same for your harness. If you have to set all your snaps to the tightest setting, even if it does fit, it may not be the best fit. If you have set all your snaps to the loosest setting, again, even if it does fit, it may not be the best fit.

For the height, the center strap should be from the nipples to the neck, about halfway or higher. Any lower and the harness will not make your pecs look good.

After a night of dancing or sweaty play, it’s always best to wipe the excess sweat or lube off your harness and let it air dry before putting it away. We suggest putting your harness on a hanger to keep it looking its best. A little saddle soap on a damp cloth will do the trick if your harness needs a good cleaning because of sweat or dirt. Should your harness get wet due to inclement weather or because you accidentally fall into the pool at a party, just hang it up and let it dry. When packing your harness for events, wrap it around a couple of t-shirts or jeans so it doesn’t crease.  No one likes wrinkled leather.