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Dick Bits 2.0

As the original ones introduced in 2008 have proven to be so popular, here are 20 new ToolBits™ in the revolutionary new SuperSoft silicone in a lustrous silver.

If you were a fan of the older versions you’ll certainly love these as they are even softer and more squirmy, allowing me to create shapes with a bit more texture without them being overly rough to play with. Bend easily through PA holes for a unique look. 100% Platinum Silicone for the ultimate in safety. You can boil, bleach or autoclave these without harm.

As with any of the SuperSoft store away from other items that might contain plasticizers like vinyl or rubber. Measurements are listed as: L = length, S = shaft diameter, P = plug, or largest diameter.

Images are enlarged for detail and cannot be used as a size comparison between separate images.

Quick Conversion Guide:

1/4 diam appx 18 french

5/16 diam appx 22 french

3/8 diam appx 27 french

7/16 diam appx 32 french

1/2 diam appx 37 french

Specialties: Dick Toys

L: Length 6 1/2 • Shaft 1/2 • Plug 5/8

M: Length 6 • Shaft 1/4 • Plug 1/4

N: Length 8 • Shaft 3/8 • Plug 3/8

O: Length 10 • Shaft 3/8 • Plug 3/8