Travel Tin Candle Leather Scent

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It has been said that scent triggers memories more than any other of your sensory organ. If you’ve been recollecting about one particular Leatherman who did it for you better than anyone else, there’s a way to capture that moment again. All you need is a blindfold and one of our Leather Scented Candles. Heighten your senses by cutting off another. Breathe in the leather scent and let your memory take over. Your vison may become so strong that it’s as if he is there with you again. Throw your head back, grab your cock, and hold on to that experience for as long as you can. Men who light you up like he did deserve your obsession. Give our little flashback technique a try; we know a thing or two about Bro-aroma therapy. Practice with our double wick Travel Tin made with paraffin wax. The tin casing and lid make this perfect for those leather scented moments on the go.