Tri-Lace Shorts Black


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These sexy leather shorts will conform your bod perfectly and make you look like a Leather god. On those warm, summer nights, leave the chaps at home and pull out the Tri-laced leather shorts. Lightweight, drafty, and snug, this is Leather that won’t make you sweat. These shorts have adjustable Leather Lace down each hip and a lace tie in the front so you can expose whatever you want on any giving or receiving day that ends in a Y. There’s an elastic waist band in the rear to help form fit to any size juicy man ass. If that’s not enough for you, we’ve even thrown in a back pocket, just for good measure. Keep the Leather crotch flap to the side and allow your manhood to hang out in a seductive loose fit or keep that tonsil tickler covered and pushed up for a tight fit, creating an eye popping, mouth dropping bulge. It’s just another raunch-provoking LeatherWerks creation. How bad do you want this?