Trifold Deluxe Harness

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This traditional (and I’m all about tradition) half harness is made from three layers of garment quality leather folded and sewn together for ease of wear. All the hardware is stainless steel or chrome plated brass and will last for years to come. When you’re thinking about buying a harness, you can’t just see it on a hanger to decide. So, I dressed one of my boys in the Trifold so I could show you all the great details. Again, it’s simple, traditional, very ‘Tom of Finland’, yet, as fresh as it ever was. And look how good my boy looks in it. He was getting a hard- on before I could even slip the cockring over his balls, let alone pull his dick through it. That’s how you can tell quality, guys. With your dick! Your dick never lies. Cock strap sold separately.