White Leather Armband

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Like wristbands, armbands are an essential part of every Leatherman’s gear. You wear ’em for looks, ’cause they’re hot as fuck and make your arms appear bigger. But you also wear armbands to let men like me know what role you’re playing. Topping? Wear a White Leather Armband on your left bicep. Getting fucked? Wear one on your right. Wanna get pounded after raw dogging my hole? You better wear a band on both arms, ’cause once I decide what role I’m playing, I’m not switching. Our White Leather Wristband is 1.25-Inch thick and made from high-quality garment leather with stainless steel snaps. What’s that, you say? You didn’t know there was a code? Not my problem. Next time, look it up. Now, bend over, bitch. I’m driving. Fuck, yeah!