Worm Graphite

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For 2015, the original Worm from the year 2000 has been resurrected now as the Short Worm. The regular Worm is now called Long Worm. Long enough to go deep when you want, ample toy to grab onto when playing alone or with another. It’s about the girth of a nice sized cock so this would be an accessible toy to most if going on circumference alone. Play slow for hyper sensitizing of the nerve endings, or fast for an almost vibrating type feeling. The Short Worm provides the same type of stimulation but in a smaller more universal package and with smoother, rounded ridges.

Specialties: Depth

Level: Moderate, Advanced

Short Worm: Length 11 • Circumference 5 – 6

Long Worm: Length 15 • Circumference 5 – 7