CS Classic Plug


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A classic from the Crackstuffers range, customers have always commented on how easy it is to wear; it stays in rather than falling out. It’s a good way to keep it open for later play or good for sphincter play. Be gentle pulling it out and then pushing it back in. Available in 5 sizes.

Small Dimensions: Length 5″ Diameter 2.16″ Insertable length 3.93″  

Medium Dimensions: Length 5.5″ Diameter 2.44″ Insertable length 4.72″ 

Large Dimensions: Length 6.25″ Diameter 2.87″ Insertable length 5.31″ 

Extra Large Dimensions: Length 7″ Diameter 3.14″ Insertable length 6.10″ 

XXL Dimensions: Length 8.07″ Diameter 4.13″ Insertable length 16cm 6.29″