Hush Smartphone Vibrating Plug


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Imagine going about your busy day at work missing your long distance boyfriend when all of a sudden and without any warning a strong rumbling sensation overwhelms your hole, your breathing tapers and your face goes through an entertaining series of expressions, as your cock begins to stiffen. Hush…don’t let anyone know what’s going on in your hole.

Introducing the first vibrating butt plug that can be controlled from ANY distance. The Hush, by Lovense is the hottest selling plug on the market. This state of the kinky art butt plug offers hands free stimulation from close range or long distance.

To operate the Hush download the app Lovense Remote compatible with any current iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or Android with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.

This High end toy offers features such as sound activated vibrations, ability to sync to music and even create, share and download patterns. Send messages, pictures and have video sessions all on the app. The Hush is ideal for solo play, foreplay and public play for up to 2 hours of constant stimulation.

The Hush Smartphone Vibrating plug is a waterproof, body safe, silicone material that is 100% latex free, rubber free and phlathates free. The careful design of the plug ensures it won’t pop out and the spirals along the neck traps lube making it easy to remove from your hole.

Surprise your lover at any time anywhere with this savior of long distance relationships. Let’s just hope it’s not during a big important presentation. Can your relationship go the distance? We think you can with the Hush Smartphone Vibrating plug.