Roman Long Kilt


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The Long Roman Buckle Kilt comes in two pieces, with double leather straps and buckles on each side. The kilt hangs down from just under my belly button to a few inches above the knees. The Long Roman Buckle kilt is just as long in the back as it is the front. The flaps, approximately two inches in width, overlap giving the illusion of having some dignity left. I wear nothing but a cock ring under it, something my boys often request. He loves to have the easy access to my cock at all times and I don’t mind it one bit. In the past, I’ve teamed it with leather boots and socks the color of whatever I’m into that night… piss yellow, bondage grey, or fist-fuck red. Sometimes I wear a leather shirt. Sometimes I prefer to be bare chested. If you’re under the impression that a kilt isn’t for you, let me assure you that I thought the same. But once I saw myself in one, my cock began to grow. I couldn’t believe how much this thick leather kilt made me want to fuck myself and now I wear it every chance I get. Don’t just take my word for it, cum try one on you’ll be hard before we buckle the final strap.